1. avatar rdpickups
    Dear Fastfude members,

    RD Pickups, based in Newry is looking to recruit a guitarist interested in working with us on prototyping and testing High Gain Humbuckers.

    We are looking for someone who has experience of experimenting with different pickups with a preference for the high gain variants.

    Our current lineup is firmly based on the Vintage PAF styles however we have been asked by numerous guitarists for a high gain version.

    If you are interested in getting involved in the project the fastest way to get in touch is through our website contact form.

    We are a pretty new business so don't count on generous pay packets, company cars, or even a pension scheme, but we will come to some arangement to compensate you for your time.

    At present our plans are to develop a high gain pickup based on an Alnico 8 magnet, we want it to have its own unique voicing and our experiences with ceramic magnets so far have not shown the same potential for this aim. We could be wrong.... thats why we need YOU!!!!!!

    Look forward to hearing from you. If you are interested be prepared for a few trips to Newry

    Declan Larkin
    RD Pickups
    07710 510115