1. avatar MICROLIP
    Celestion Rig for hire
    3k rig, Bins and tops. SR1 and SR8 s'
    2 wedge monitors, or in ear monitor (not wireless)
    Mics, stands, Drum mics, multicore
    Digital 16 track desk with compressor,gate, reverb, delay etc
    Light rig 2 sets of 4 par 56 cans plus a scanner light which fills the room with moving coulered shapes etc + smoke machine
    Basically all u need for a rock night..
    Some backline can be supplied at extra cost.
    150 quid 30 mile radius from portadown
    Contact James 02838 841335 or 07549 928310
    Also 2 Brand new rehersal rooms for hire Portadown
  2. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Just interested but does this come with a sound engineer or is that more coin??
  3. avatar MICROLIP
    Yeah, Forgot to mention that.
    Sound engineer (me) goes with the rig all in price.