1. avatar unplugged

    I have a "discography" disc of a certain popular artist.

    There are loads of folders with album tiles and album name on each but inside the mp3s of each track is either named Track1 or 01 not the actual song name. grrrr.

    is there any easy way of renaming the tracks so i can import them quickly into itunes and get them on my ipod without having to sit and input each track name.

    any help i thank you for in advance

  2. avatar salfhal
    If they are properly tagged with the track number (not just the file name) it may be possible to get some application to do it as a batch. Have you tried burning it to cd and putting the disc in? iTunes uses the IDDBB (or something) database to name tracks, might work that way.
  3. avatar himynameissween
    have you tried dragging them into itunes yet? normally it names the songs for you automatically...
  4. avatar DeliriumTremens
    is it just the tracks names or all the info, ie artist album, if its everything go to edit - select all, then file get info and put in the artist album info, then go to advanced - get cd track names. Obviously theyll have to be in order and if its more than 1 album youll have to do it 1 at a time but it should make it a bit quicker.