1. avatar Desus
  2. avatar xfirefishx
    Oh this is going to be a good show. Caught him recently and was surprised at how great it was!
  3. avatar ThisCharmingMan
    A really good live act! Saw him support the cribs and thought he was unbelieveable should be a great gig
  4. avatar Desus
  5. avatar Desus
    The Brothers Movement confirmed as support for this.

  6. avatar eatthefood
    Has this sold out?

    Ticketmaster looks sold out at and I can't find anywhere on the ents site to buy them.
  7. avatar Desus
    Nowhere near sold out.

    You can buy them at the desk in the Students Union with no booking fee.
  8. avatar eatthefood
    Brilliant, will pick one up over the weekend then, thanks.
  9. avatar Desus
    Have contacted Ticketmaster there and they say they've got the problem fixed so you should be able to buy online now.
  10. avatar Desus
    Tickets still available for this one.

    His new album has been getting pretty tasty reviews.
  11. avatar p-t-rebel-mc
    Stage times?
  12. avatar dolphin bombers
    [quote:627181830e="Desus"]The Brothers Movement confirmed as support for this.

    www.myspace.com/thebrothersmovement[/quote:627181830e] this is the band i was trying to tell you about well some of you anyway they are fking amazing one of the best bands iv ever heard ,,seriously do not miss them....
  13. avatar Desus
    Timings for this are

    Doors 8pm
    The Brothers Movement 9pm
    Adam Green 10pm
  14. avatar eatthefood
    Obscenely excited for this.

    New album is sweet as, but hope he plays a good amount of older stuff too.