1. avatar sixfish
    My first post!
    hi there,

    i stumbled upon this forum hoping i could get some advice for things to do while i'm staying just outside bangor for a weekend- 10-13th dec. if anyone would be kind enough to post any recommendations theyve got for places to go round belfast (and beyond!) that'd be great!

    if you can think of anything not to be missed- sights, attractions, best pubs and bars, if there are any good gigs on over that weekend (i'm mostly into punk/dub/ska/crust but very open minded), good places to eat (preferably vegan/veggie freindly)...i'd be really grateful!


  2. avatar Deestroyer
    Probably the best ska band going - Pocket Billiards - are playing in the Black Box in the Cathedral Quarter of Belfast on Friday 13th. I think Delirium Tremens are laying that night too but I'm not sure... Oh, right, yeah they are.
  3. avatar daveshorty
    Archana on Dublin Road in Belfast is the best Indian food you'll ever taste! Plus, the only restaurant I know of in Belfast with actual denoted vegan items on the menu (most of the veggie section is vegan).
  4. avatar The Stav
    Laverys bar on Shaftesbury Square is a great all-rounder.
    Gigs, pool, jukeboxes, great food, cheap beer and a decent smoking area.

    Best of the rest are Katy Dalys, The Menagerie, Kellys Cellars, McHughes, John Hewitt, Duke of York, The Garrick and (sometimes) The Spaniard, Black Box and The Empire.

    There are plenty of bars in Belfast, but most of them are shite.

    Go to Laverys and you'll be alright.
  5. avatar Recycled Alien
    All advice so far gets the location or date wrong. About standard for fastfude.
  6. avatar Deestroyer
    Oh right...yeah.
  7. avatar daveshorty
    Except that's not true, cus Archana really is on Dublin Road!
  8. avatar Strong Reaction
    Archana's class. I love it.

    Bangor wise there's the chinese buffet round the corner from the Royal Hotel, cheap and veggie friendly. There's sometimes metal/rock/punk gigs at the Black Boat by the harbour.

    In Belfast there's normally metal shows at Katy Dalys/Limelight on Saturday afternoons. Katy Dalys is a good bar to spend a few hours in, as is The Duke Of York. Keep an eye out on the gig discussions thread here and also http://www.metalireland.com for some noisy shows.
  9. avatar chuckbilliards
    Ska you say? You should get your butt down to see Bad Manners (and [url=http://www.myspace.com/pocketbilliards]Pocket Billiards[/url] ;)) at the [url=http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=The+Spring+and+Airbreak+Belfast&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-a&ie=UTF8&hl=en&hq=The+Spring+and+Airbreak&hnear=Belfast,+UK&ll=54.592599,-5.928154&spn=0.004134,0.013937&t=h&z=17]Spring and Airbreak[/url] on Sat 12th Dec :D
  10. avatar LolaDivine
    christmas market at cityhall is a must - german beer tent, laverys beer tent, live music this year, good food, awesome atmosphere = proper good time.
  11. avatar salfhal
    Go Karting @ Eddie Irvine's place in Bangor.

    Completely non music related but it's freakin' amazing, ex-karting champ does marshalling/flags etc so it's realistoc
  12. avatar sixfish
    the advice so far has been awesome, thanks very much!
    strong reaction- any idea what that chinese is called? a spring roll or two post pickie park sounds almost too good to be true!
    i'll certainly give katy daly's a go and check out the bad manners gig too!
    lola divine- where's this christmas market? 'beer' and 'tent' in that order is sure to put a smile on my face!
    thanks again for all your help.

  13. avatar fastfude
    [quote:f4e877433e="Recycled Alien"]All advice so far gets the location or date wrong. About standard for fastfude.[/quote:f4e877433e]
    [quote:f4e877433e="daveshorty"]Except that's not true, cus Archana really is on Dublin Road![/quote:f4e877433e]
    Which makes him wrong, and therefore right, and therefore wrong, and...
  14. avatar LolaDivine
    The xmas market aka the continental market is in the grounds of city hall. think it starts mid nov through to xmas, if your in the city centre just head in the direction of the big wheel.
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