1. avatar Rosshunter

    Just wanted to let you's know that the This Is Our Monument + Kasper Rosa and Alright The Captain mini tour starts today! I'm currently in Derby waiting on the guys to arrive.. they will be in some state!

    The dates are:
    6th - Peterborough - Goodbarns Yard w/ Double Handsome Dragons
    7th - Chichester - Chichester Inn w/ Flies Are Spies From Hell
    8th - Nottingham - Chameleon Arts Cafe w/ Karhide
    9th - Derby - The Vines w/ Catharsis
    10th - Leeds - The Packhorse w/ Khuda

    We will be doing a few dates in the north without Alright The Captain:
    20 - The Fort - Dungannon
    21 - Top Of The Town w/ Once Before Take Off - Omagh
    25 - Masons - Derry
    26 - Radar Live @ Queens w/ Burn The Canvas - Belfast
  2. avatar DeliriumTremens
    Excellent stuff lads, best of luck...