1. avatar Telebruises
    Hey guys,
    Im looking to get back onto playing in a committed to the cause band.
    Im a bassist but wouldnt have any problem playing guitar.
    Basically im looking to start something quite pendulum-esque, only difference with i'd really like to
    bring in some chiptune as the backbeat, with some guitar drums similar to the likes of Escape the Fate etc.
    (If you dont know what chiptune is look up the likes of Chipzel, Skpp and Sabrepulse)

    Im well aware that this stuff isnt everyones cup of tea but if theres anyone willing to
    give it a shot then you should definatly get back to me.

  2. avatar comprachio
    [quote:cd8e3461fe]im looking to start something quite pendulum-esque[/quote:cd8e3461fe]

  3. avatar comprachio
    Only messin btw... best o luck:)
  4. avatar tinpot anto
    I actaully want the dolphin guys to successfully form a band and take over the charts and saturate my ear space every day
    y more than I ever want the music made by a band answering this description, ever.
  5. avatar Telebruises
    Haha, like i said, im really REALLY aware, that a lot of people dont like care or even want this music to exist,
    But i like it, and i'd like to give it a blast, and im hoping i find others who do too.
    Everyones entitled to an opinion, i really dislike a lot of bands in N.Ireland but i dont need to go to their gigs.
    All about preference.
  6. avatar tinpot anto
    I don't have to, or want to attend you bumming my granny but it's still WRONG.

    Just seems like you've picked the friable hem of a trend and are trying to make it new. This is not how good music has ever been made.
  7. avatar Telebruises
    Since when has making music been about what you think everyone else wants to hear and sacrificing what you enjoy to "Make it"
    Sorry, but if im follwing a "Friable hem of a trend" then I'll follow it because i enjoy it, not because someone has dictated a genre redundant.
  8. avatar tinpot anto
    Actually sorry about that, bit pissed last night and reading this came across as just cynically picking commercially successful faddish genres and mashing them together.

    I didn't believe anyone older than 14 actually LIKED Pendulum for a start. :-)
  9. avatar tenrabbits
    Sure Anto I can't believe anyone living past 1972 likes the Tin Pot Op - but each to their own ya narky hoor!
  10. avatar JTM
    I've got the number of a girl at Queens who was looking to start a d'n'b cover band, which I reckon would be a bit "Pendulum". This was a good while ago mind and I don't know if she ever got anything recorded or if you know her already, but I can put you in touch if you like.

    EDIT: Ah shiz I see you're in the North West, although I think she mighta been from up there herself. Well, the offer stands anyway...