1. avatar Strong Reaction

    I need to replace the speaker in my Trace Elliot bass cabinet. Does anyone know if there's anywhere in the country where I could get one? I remember Maplin used to carry some speakers, but not sure if they'd be compatible. Failing that does anyone know any good companies with reliable and reasonable postage costs?

  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    Trace-Elliott is something of a "premium" name, so would you not worry about devaluing the cab if you installed a different brand of speaker? Modern ones have Celestions, but I don't know if that was always the case.

    I've never had the back off mine in twenty years, but I'm curious now!

    Maplin do still sell some Eminence speakers.
  3. avatar Pete
    Bairds have a big range of speakers in store and the guys know their stuff so will be able to get you the right speaker for the job.

    In fact Bairds keep a considerable range of spare parts for amps, cabs and instruments in the shop so should really be anyone's first port of call.
  4. avatar Strong Reaction
    Thanks a lot. I'll take a look around and maybe get the soldering iron out.
  5. avatar machinehead
    Use these people. Good prices.


    There is a lot more than most people think to designing a speaker cabinet or fitting a suitable speaker to an existing cabinet. Do your research well and don't listen to 99% of people who give you advice - including me because I don't know enough about this subject either.

    I do know most commercially sold bass cabinets are very poorly designed.