1. avatar shiniru
    Hey, im lookin a bassist and drummer, we are newtownards based (15 mins outside belfast)and we are already jammin

    we (jack and i)(both guitarists) are into heavy rock/metal/glam/classic rock/blues etc (so basicallly music that was before our time :P)we have sat down, and have really really thought about it, music is what we want to be doing for the rest of our lives, we will not be happy otherwise, i will post a clip of me playing soon.

    I hope to help recreate some of our fave artists and bring them back into public listening (whitesnake,styxx,ac/dc,chuck berry,DIO,stevie ray vaugn etc, thoose kinda artists/bands)
    We also are going to write our own material

    PM me :D
    or add me on msn: shiniru@hotmail.co.uk