1. avatar fifthseason
    Anyone know a good place to record a few drum tracks? Looking for good sound and minimum hassle.
  2. avatar Pete
    Hi, give me a shout at Blueroom Recording on 07801290492, I can track them for you.

  3. avatar salfhal
    Ross @ Railway did our drums, UNGODLY, huge sound.

    Check out his stuff sure - [url=http://www.railwaystudios.com/Railway_Studios/Railway_Studios.html]http://www.railwaystudios.com/Railway_Studios/Railway_Studios.html[/url] 07850652081
  4. avatar all-is-vanity
    Ignoring all the 'it's called a recording studio' sarcasm for a moment, you'll need to clarify a little more what you are looking for in terms of time, cost, acoustics, facilities, assistance, etc.

    Do you want a lot of subjective or objective answers?

    Also, do you want to find the meaning of life at the end of it?

    Alas! Such questions...
  5. avatar Drumschool
    Loads of session drummers use electronic kits (Roland etc.) to trigger the drum sounds. I've recently recorded 3 drum tracks for a local band in my home studio an example of which is on my MySpace(http://www.myspace.com/alansykesdrums - the example is called 'EZ Drums Demo').
    We used this 'EZ Drummer' software which has samples from a New York studio (plus others if you prefer)I know of other software that can do the same job.
    Set up time is minimal...say 20 mins...plug into my Roland TD8 and away you go! Two drum tracks were recorded last week within a couple of hours...so you don't need the big studio, big set-up time ( believe me I've been there!) and big costs.
    If this is of interest my contacts are on http://www.drumschoolbelfast.co.uk
  6. avatar aaronrossi
  7. avatar Alabama
    Hi, we have a home studio, so hassle free and economic - have a listen to our drums, (kit permanently set up, so no need to bring ure own). at www.myspace.com/Ward12rock. Let us know what u think.

  8. avatar clss_act_00
    Give me a shout if you're still looking, Daniel on 07929174295
  9. avatar Declan
    Studio just outside Newry [url=http://www.bigspacestudios.co.uk]http://www.bigspacestudios.co.uk[/url]
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  10. avatar russell
    Hey there,

    Check out my studio, [url=http://www.resonate-studio.com/]Resonate[/url], I have two drum kits set up for recording, get in touch if you're interested.

  11. avatar Rocky
    I work at www.starttogetherstudio.com

    We have various live rooms which go from controlled to chaotic, stone & Brick to wood,
    good natural reverbs as well as many outboard plates, springs & tape echoes.

    We have drums by Hayman, Rogers, Pearl, Premier, various cymbals,
    various snares like Ludwig maple, black beauty, Mapex Black Panther, Yamaha Birch,
    Pearl Brass snares and more.

    Recording to Pro Tools HD3 with pre amps by Universal Audio, API, Chandler, Avalon & Focusrite.

    Credits include: Oppenheimer, In Case Of Fire, And So I Watch You From Afar, Robyn G Shiels, Not Squares, Yes Cadets, Tom McShane, Pocket Billiards, General Fiasco, Duke Special, Cutaways, Mojo Fury and more.

    email me at rocky@oppenheimermusic.co.uk if you'd like more info.