1. avatar WilliamWoods1
    Hey there.. some gear I am on the hunt for if anyone can help me out AT ALL!!! please pelase get in touch via EMAIL!! woodsyyyyyyyy@hotmail.co.uk or if that's too much hassle just PM me here!
    Well to start.. one thing I am very very keen on is a DOUBLE bass drum pedal.. something along the lines of a DW.. say the 4000 series or 7000. Or possibly a Tama Iron Cobra pedal.. if anyone could help me out at all or offer any other pedals that are at a similar level to these ones.. please GET IN TOUCH!

    Also if anyone has any nice crash cymbals (preferably big and heavy!!!) for sale please let me know! Would be VERY appreciated!
    Also then.. any thin ride cymbals (that are good to crash and play heavy on!) let me know pleasee!
    Also then... I have a set of Sabian AAX 14" Stage Hi Hats,, EXCELLENT CONDITION.. if anyone would like to buy these make me a nice offer BUT BUT BUT I would LOVE to trade for a set of Zildjian Z or A customs.. or anything worthy to offer for exchange!!

    Any recording gear at all such as Line 6 UX2 or any really nice microphones or any general studio equipment PLEASE ALSO LET ME KNOW!

    This would all be so appreciated and I couldn't thank you enough if you are able to help me out!!

    Thanks very much for reading.. and an extra thanks to those who get in touch!