1. avatar huggy baps
    Gonna go to the dublin one but any chance of a promoter putting on a Belfast date? Pete?
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  2. avatar loveisthelaw
    Where & When in Dublin and how much ?
  3. avatar huggy baps
    Tripod, dec 10th I think, 35 euro. Seen em during the summer in Sydney, they were fucking excellent!
  4. avatar loveisthelaw
  5. avatar loveisthelaw
    Sadly this the same date as Mars Volta, which Ive a ticket for
  6. avatar spirit of division
    No sign of a Belfast date but being truthful where could they play here? They can pack Dublin venues and keep getting bigger and bigger shows...they also get paid quite well. To do it in Belfast the door charge would probably be quite high and venue wise we'd either have somewhere too small of too large...though in saying that, how many people would go to a Belfast date - we do live somewhere relatively small...Id say 300 - 400 tops...been wrong before though!
  7. avatar loveisthelaw
    The black box or the mandella would be the spot
  8. avatar Crackity_jones
    Black Box?
    Spring & Airbrake?

  9. avatar huggy baps
    aye what about the Black Box?

    Got my ticket for Dublin today, sweet!
  10. avatar spirit of division
    Black Box would be great, but in Dublin and I guess elsewhere, they pull 5 + times more...how mcuh would you pay to see them here? I'll probably hit Dublin if I'm about...great line up. Anyone interested in a bus if so?
  11. avatar huggy baps
    About 20 - 25 quid...

    Aye a bus would be pretty handy!
  12. avatar Revenge Therapy
  13. avatar huggy baps
    Anyone going?