1. avatar himynameissween
    yes it is the most innuendo-ful title ever, but a serious problem.

    i got some tuning heads that are too big for the holes on my guitar, and i was wondering if any of the stores in town would be able to do this for me? matchetts don't and just tried doing it myself but i don't have a big enough drill bit.
  2. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    Guitar Emporium do repairs / alterations but couldn't tell you how well - I have read on here that they are very slow though. Bairds might be your best bet so give them a ring - I doubt it is a very complicated procedure.
  3. avatar salfhal
    Contact Peter Griffin, he'll do it I'm sure, quality luthier.

    Search his name i think someone posted his number a while back
  4. avatar unplugged
    easy easy easy
    dont use a fucking drill bit. lol

    buy a large taper round metal file and before you start put masking tape over/around the edges of each hole to stop paint/laquer chipping as you work.

    simply widen the hole doing a few strokes a side - back then front - to equally widen the hole on each side and keep trying the machine head until it fits in with a bit of a push.

    i took the klusons off my epiphone les paul last year and fitted grovers and had this problem. any large taper round file from a hardware store would do
    i had the entire 6 holes widened and the grovers fitted in 30 mins.

    just dont go buck mad hard with the file as you widen as too much pressure could crack the small bit of wood between each hole. if your anyway sensible and careful youll be ok.