1. avatar daveshorty

    Please come along and support a great cause!

    Ciaran Murphy's just been added to line-up too!
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  2. avatar Bileofwood

    This is gonna be top bollock!
  3. avatar savagebilliards
    i cant see the poster who's playing! (again sorry we cant play dude, parenting duties!)
  4. avatar daveshorty
    no worries savage! it's lobotomies, snitch, aggressors bc and hubris.
  5. avatar tinpot anto
    If you're doing another in the new year, give us a bell, we're at our limit for Belfast shows up to Christmas looks like, but we'd love to do something.

  6. avatar reallybigmcc
    anyone who cant go because of the specials the night before and will probably be skint(me), still give the fiver donation!!
  7. avatar MarkNumskull
    This will be great, always love seeing the Lobotomies and Snitch! are future legends and current genius'
  8. avatar daveshorty
    you're damn right they are.

    tell everyone, everyone!
  9. avatar daveshorty
    Just a few days to go now!

    Spread the word, everyone - again, this is a great opportunity to raise some money for an amazing cause!
  10. avatar danbastard
    Great cause indeed, should be a great night. Also been blasting my (free!) Snitch CD on almost constant rotation, so now I know which particular songs to boo. Yeo!
  11. avatar daveshorty
    Tomorrow night!

    Also, we've an addition to the line-up. Ciaran Murphy will be playing also (acoustic political folk). Check out his [url=http://www.myspace.com/ciaranabc]Myspace[/url].

    Get down early to check him out!
  12. avatar Bileofwood
    Looking forward to it. Really keen to see The Lobotomies and Snitch as have been meaning to catch them for some time (being that I live next door to a Lobomotomite it's almost a civic duty). Aggressors BC have some cool photos up but not music, so I await them in hopeful anticipation.

    I'm sick to bloody death of The Hubris. I've been at every single gig they have ever done! Although something tells me we're gonna get something different from those dirty feckers tomorrow evening.....
  13. avatar daveshorty
    Hahaha oh God, yous aren't gonna strip are you?
  14. avatar Bileofwood
    No no, I said something [i:e871d7e731]different[/i:e871d7e731]
  15. avatar daveshorty
  16. avatar salfhal
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  17. avatar daveshorty
    one last bump!