1. avatar savagebilliards
    Yeah so I'm wanting a tremolo pedal and was looking at the boss one. Most of my pedals are boss and i have been pleased with them. However i have read that with this particular pedal there is significant volume loss when in use. I also read that when it gets the 'keeley'(sp?) treatment it works a treat. This is basically putting a volume dial on it, but dunno if I can be arsed with that.

    I know there is a fuder selling an mxr one which looks great but I want one that off as I want one that I can put into my chain easily running off a 9v adaptor plug through my tuner.

    So advice wanted...still leaning towards the boss but unsure.
  2. avatar Pete
    The MXR will run off your tuner no problem, I have three in my pedal board chained off the power from my boss tuner.

    Haven't heard that particular pedal to comment on it though.
  3. avatar savagebilliards
    ok? Just that it says that it needs an 18v power source, my tuner and subsequent pedals all run off a 9v source? does the tuner change this or something? (sorry not too sure about these sorta things!)
  4. avatar Pete
    Apologies, my mistake. I didn't realise it was one of the double width MXR pedals. So yeah, it would need a separate power supply.

    I have used the boss pedal before and I have no complaints about it. That is in the studio though were volume changes stepping on and off aren't a problem.

    What I will say is that most modulation pedals will lead to a change in volume by their nature.
  5. avatar savagebilliards
    no sweat! yeah i suppose the best thing to do is go try a few out and see what the craic is. Still any advice welcome!
  6. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    I've a boss tremolo and I haven't had any volume problems at all.it does it's job it won't blow yr mind or anything but it sounds good.with the 'wobbly line' setting i don't really hear that much of a difference,tho I play thru a bunch of effects so it might just be getting buried,but then other setting sounds class. If it was me and i had the
    money I'd get the mxr one,if only cause kevin shields used that one and well he knows tremolo.the boss does what it says on the tin tho.

    Hope this helps
  7. avatar thecomeons_2
    i would trust a boss pedal to do the job. mind you, having said that, i modified my metalzone and super overdive pedals to remove some inherant [sic] sounds (blanket-over-the-speaker with the sd-1 and wasps-in-a-jamjar with the mt-2).

    i have a behringer acoustic simulator (i got it as it was much cheaper than the boss version) which has a noticable volume drop, but get around it by adding a compressor afterwards and having them in a separate chain using a boss master switch (the previous version of the line selector).
  8. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    i modded my TR-2 to have a volume control and a faster rate - can't remember off hand how i did it, but i could take a quick look inside when i get home if you wanted.