1. avatar Danny Lynch
    Brand new Varionis track up on myspace.com/thevarionis.
    Produced and mastered by the genius that is Pete, who we'd like to thank for his fantastic work not only on Concaves, but the other two tracks he worked with us on; Blood Sweat and Cheers and Just Run Away.
    Enjoy, and as always any feedback would be great, be it constructive, destructive or positive...uctive.

    cheers,The Varionis

    Ep Launch next Tuesday in Auntie Annies with Microlip, SevenSummits and The Good Fight.
  2. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Enjoying that new tune there lads. Fair play.
  3. avatar Danny Lynch
  4. avatar HolyRoach
    the songs are good, just need a bit more technicality imo.
  5. avatar Danny Lynch
    track had to e temporarily removed, but is back online for anybody who may like to hear it.
    Cheers for the feedback holy roach, feel free to pm any of us for some more detail as we would be interested to get a better idea of what exactly you mean. Thats a genuine request for feedback, not a sarky retort to your saying we need more technicality, we want to improve, so feedback of any kind is much valued and always taken on board.
  6. avatar thefonz
    Really liked the 2nd song on your myspace better than the 1st there both good songs like but i think you would get bored of hearing the 1st one quicker prob cause its abit to catchy for my likings, would def go and see yous live if you were down my part of the country tho overall sounding good and you have a good image aswell. not very constructive i know but i took the time to have a listen so thought i mite aswell leave a comment.