1. avatar James Downey
    Hello there, We are the "Punch Drunk Simpletons" and we are currently looking for a male singer/Vocalist...:)

    We are inspired by many bands, Looking for someone who can Sing/Rap/scream songs by the likes of Kings of leon and Oasis, right up to songs by the Prodigy and Red Hot chilli Peppers.
    There is already a male and female Backing vocalist...Do not be afraid :D

    We are however looking for The singer to play either Keyboard or harmonica to broaden the talent of the band :D (Currently a bassist, 2 guitarists and a drummer)
    Playing your instrument will not be required in all songs, only occasionally with some songs that may require it :)...

    There are currently 4 members in the band ranging from 15 to 19, age does not matter, only dedication and a fun, laid back atmosphere. :) We already have practice space and a P.A, We are looking to start gigging alot more...

    Many Thanks