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    We are currently putting together a band in the Belfast area and require a distinctive vocalist who can play rhythm guitar when required. At present the band consists of a lead guitarist (21), bassist (23) and drummer (18). We have support from our management who are providing us with unlimited practicing and recording time. Influences include Biffy Clyro, KOL, Stereophonics, Arctic Monkeys and Snow Patrol, as well as several smaller local acts. We practice twice a week in Belfast, and are seeking to complete our line-up with a dedicated singer song writer.

    People involved with other projects which would be seen as their priority need not apply, as we are ambitious and seeking to push this project far.

    Anyone interested please either pm here, or text or call 07814729726


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    Great response to this so far, so thank you everyone who has got in touch :-)
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    had a few folk come up for a jam over the last 2 days, still looking out!
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    Once again thanks for all the responses so far, some seriously talented folk out there! Keep them coming!!
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    hey man

    i'm looking for a bassest, guitarist and drummer to start band. I write all my own stuff but have not looked till now for other members. Would you be interested in combining forces lol. You can check out my stuff at http://www.myspace.com/paulclifforstuff . Hopefully you like it.


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    had a listen there man, could you give me a call please 07814729726

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