1. avatar TenaciousR
    My first post!
    Looking to start (or join) a band kinda in the style of within temptation.
    Really need a female singer who would be into this style of music who I can co-write songs with.
    Also need a drummer and bass player (I play guitar but could play bass if only guitar players can be found).
    Also a piano/keyboard player needed to!

    Age is not really important, I'm 32 so anyone between 20-ish and 40-ish. Based in north belfast.

    Would prefer to hear from people who would be dedicated, maybe have been looking to get into a band for a while but can't find one as opposed to people looking to do temporary side projects.

    Contact me either here or email rod@os-media.net

    Thanks, happy halloween...
  2. avatar darkpresence
    My first post!
    Are you still looking for people?
    I'd be interested in doing bass for this. I have over 5 years experience playing in bands.
    Have you found a singer yet?