1. avatar rdpickups
    My first post!
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  2. avatar Pete
    Nice to see this. Any plans for bass? Been thinking of a rewind or completely new pickup for my P-bass for a while...
  3. avatar rdpickups
    Thanks for the comments Pete,

    yes on the cards for 2010 are, Strat Singlecoils, P90, Tele, P Bass, & J Bass.

    We've done a few J-Bass rewinds but I would say we are still a while off having a production set, rewinds no problem, as the time consuming thing for production sets is sourcing and/or making new parts, actually the time consuming bit is testing!

    I would be reluctant to rewind a working P-Bass pickup that you were fairly attached to... unless of course it was dead or you were interested in working with the development of that pickup. It is certiantly one of the core pickups we need to have in our product range.

    So if you are interested in working on P Bass development/testing... then let me know or drop us an email from the contact page of the website.

    Local players interested in getting involved is the only way we can nail or exceed the tones expected of the classic pickups we are less familiar with ourselves.

    there are also a few non-standard pickups on the drawing board

    Its going to be an interesting 2010

    Declan Larkin
    RD Pickups
    Mobile: 07527 305931
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  4. avatar artyfufkin
    This is great to see happening and even better that it's happening locally. The sound clips are excellent, as is Kiaran's playing but no suprises there.

    I have an electric sitar with a lipstick pickup in it which sounds shit. Very thin tone and very low output. Is there anything you could do with it or should I replace it with something decent? To be honest I don't actually use the instrument much so I couldn't justify spending a huge amount of money on it. Not a lot of demand for electric sitar players locally these days strangely enough.
  5. avatar capthowdy
    Are you only selling them in sets? I spend 95% of my time on the bridge and that new high gain unit sounds tasty. I usually get my pups from England but I'd really love to keep my business here if I could.

    Anyway, the best of luck to you man, hope it all works out.
  6. avatar rdpickups
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  7. avatar Declan
    Great to see this. I run a recording studio in Newry so would be interested in what you are doing.
    I'll check out the website and maybe give you a shout soon...


    p.s. if you want to send me over some business cards or something I can put them out in the studio...
  8. avatar thecomeons_2
    what's the typical charge for a rewind? the neck pickup is way to loud on my gordon-smith when compared to the bridge. i think it just needs balanced.
  9. avatar rdpickups