1. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    Having shot videos for many local bands over the past year I decided it was time to launch a blog on what goes on while filming. A 'behind the scenes' if you will. My first major post covers the making of the Yakuza 'West of the Best' music video - check it out! It should prove interesting for anyone who wants to start making videos / bands who are interested in the creative process. Please feel free to subscribe / comment etc.


    [url=http://www.redcapproductions.blogspot.com]Redcap Productions Blogspot[/url]
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  2. avatar edwin mcfee
    Cool blog!

    I love the Yaukza and Thrones of Roll videos.
  3. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    Thank you very much - I am a regular reader of your blog. Was telling someone just the other day about that Iron Maiden bar!

    I also appreciated the mentions in Hot Press!
  4. avatar DuncanDisorderly

    Blog on the making of Yakuza's 'West of the Best' music video [url=http://redcapproductions.blogspot.com/2009/10/yakuza-west-of-best-video-shoot.html]HERE[/url].

    Blog on the making of Thrones of Roll's 'Video Store' music video [url=http://redcapproductions.blogspot.com/2009/11/thrones-of-roll-video-store.html]HERE[/url].