1. avatar mjk90
    Name is Matty, 19 year old drummer looking to gig quite alot, some infulences are Nirvana, Green Day, Flobots, Travis Barker, Buddy Rich, Alkaline Trio, Blink 182 etc. Been drumming for over 5 years now, here is a small video if interested

  2. avatar Chris91
    hey there :)
    we are looking a metal band from Antrim called Dysnomia, watched your video, your pretty good
    were are you from?
    heres a link to some of our stuff if you would be interested in checking us out
    hope to hear from you soon :)
  3. avatar Chris91
    sorry, we ARE a metal band from Antrim, LOOKING a drummer,
    these holidays are going to my head sorry
    if interested, email chrisjames91@hotmail.com or shoot a pm
    thanks again
  4. avatar TheSunshineState
    Hey man. Ive just recently started up a band over the past month, and we are looking for a drummer. i left you a link to my recruitment post for more info about it. i have to admit that i love your style of drumming, it's exactly what i would be looking for, your sound seems to be very travis barker based (like the sound on blink 182s untitled album) which would be one of my favourite albums of all time LOL please drop me a line if you'd be interested in hearin a bit more about it or even add me on msn if thts easier for ya (blackout35@hotmail.com).


  5. avatar DoinTime
    Hey man you sent me a pm.
    We're looking for a drummer for a punk band, got loads of originals!
    I think your style would be well suited.
    If you wanna talk more add me on msn, OrgasmAddict@hotmail.co.uk
  6. avatar Freeway bassist
    Hey Matt, we play in a hard rock band based in North Belfast
    would you be interested in coming up for a session some time?

    We have just released an EP and have loads of gigs and a possible UK Tour next year!! If Your Interested!!

  7. avatar Six Seconds In Dallas
    Hey, this six seconds in dallas, you sent me a PM and I've been trying to PM back, but I dunno if they're getting through. If you send me an e-mail address I can send you some of our songs to learn so we can get together and jam.