1. avatar Dr Harley
    I'm looking for two people with writing or photography skills or both and a serious interest in wacko journalism to help put together an online magazine focusing on independent music with a difference, bizarre goings on in Ireland and further afield- weird and eccentric characters here who should be celebrities, actual celebrity stories connected with Ireland, paranormal stuff, hilarity in all fields (be it the field of politics or a farmer's field with crap circles).

    Kind of a Gonzo written style mag different from anything out there right now- think Big Cheese Magazine grated together with Bizarre Magazine twisted up with Fortean Times only more localised.

    I already have a website set up (www.circlemagazine.co.uk) but plan on changing the format to concentrate on the above. Would like to make this work but can't do it alone.

    Email me with ideas if you are interested: harleygough@aol.com