1. avatar KeithC
    Thats right folks, Jackson Cage will be performing on this evenings edition of Blas Ceoil. Show to be aired at 22.00 on BBC 2.

    2 new tracks to listen out for, Help Me Mamma and Lay with me Tonight.:040:
  2. avatar Nathan Jones
    Brilliant, I'll check that out. Heard them in the Menagerie on Friday for the first time and was blown away, excellent stuff.
  3. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Great band, that's a great show too.
  4. avatar KeithC
    Just incase anyone really wanted to see this and missed it...:lol:

    Help Me Mamma

    Lay with me Tonight
  5. avatar Captain Kennedy
    Class stuff lads (and lady). Really enjoyed it. Sound was great!
  6. avatar swaneeriver
    fuckin right, one of my favourite bands in the NI scene of the last few years and presently.
    fair play lads!