1. avatar welshchris
  2. avatar sheriffjohnstone
    Excellent. I finish work at 3.30!
  3. avatar gl2200
    [quote:6b24806470]A lot of people who post here will remeber the old Warzone space / Giros which closed [b:6b24806470]5[/b:6b24806470] years ago.[/quote:6b24806470]

  4. avatar illiteratetwat
    Yeah was 2003 so 6 years!!

    This is this saturday!! Should be a good afternoon session!!
  5. avatar Strong Reaction
    Nnice one, hope it goes well. I'm out of the country.
  6. avatar welshchris
    Ah I thought he ment 6 people here would remember Giros ;)

    Ok Tomorrow Folks.