1. avatar dolphin bombers
    i was at the biffy concert last night and it was fking amazing apart from the sound ,this is my second gig there this year i was at the kasabian one aswel and that olso was spoilt due to being in st georges , i know whats happened lets do up the ulster hall and only have posh gigs in it and put all them hooligan into st georges market i am disgusted ps wont be back at a gig there even if oasis were to ha a one of re-union with a free bar !!!!
  2. avatar rentaghost
    you've never been to a gig in the King's Hall, have you love?

    I was at the gig last night and was actually really impressed with the sound, considering it's a Victorian fish market. Clearly the city fathers in them days had a vision for the market's future potential.

    It was great to have proper food and coffee stalls in the venue too. Our only quibble was the weird system for queuing at the bar.That maybe needs a bit of a rethink.
  3. avatar the_doctor199
    I thought the sound last night was excellent, especially down the centre of the venue. Towards the sides there was a bit of an echo but I've heard worse.
  4. avatar The Donk
    [quote:18da4d0c44="dolphin bombers"] i know whats happened lets do up the ulster hall and only have posh gigs in it.. [/quote:18da4d0c44]

    Motorhead are playing the ulster hall on the 9th. That will most definately not be posh. Also the sound was ok considering the venue. You should have heard it when the place was empty during soundcheck.
  5. avatar beemicksee
    nah, if it was a free bar i'd sit through most things. even oasis
  6. avatar niallgraham
    I was standing right beside the sound desk for most of the gig and the sound was fecking woeful IMHO. In paticular, the vocals were way to high in the mix. Everything bounced off the metal ceiling and echoed around. Never going to st georges market for a gig again myself!
  7. avatar Rocky
    I haven't been to a gig in St. George's Market in years.
    I would actively avoid going on the grounds of the sound of the room and how unsuitable I think it is for rock music.
    It's a giant concrete room, it's never going to sound great and I've
    had many nightmarish nights trying to mix gigs in there.
    Though I understand that the recent gigs have made attempts to make it better.

    The problem is though, where is better?
    King's Hall is just as bad, if not worse.
    People don't like the atmosphere of The Waterfront Hall.
    Ulster Hall/Mandela/Custom House Square are all smaller capacities.
    Not sure what size the Whitla Hall is - but it sounds just as bad.
    Also unsure of the Snackbar at Queen's - but it used to be great for gigs. Think it's only 1200 though.

    I believe that Belfast is missing a good mid sized venue (2000-3000) and St. Georges Market
    seems like the best option for now.
    I'm sure there's another suitable building somewhere in the city, just waiting for gigs to
    pour in, it would be amazing.
    I think it would be unlikely to see a new dedicated venue opening in the city, due to the level of demand.

    Most of the venues that size I've seen in other cities have been House Of Blues all across the states.
    Although, they were mostly in cities of much larger populations.
    Maybe seeing something like that in Belfast might open the city up to even more touring acts.
  8. avatar my-angel-rocks
    While its been a ... while (shit, Manics in 99 I think)... since I've been in the Kings Hall for a gig, I don't remember it being as bad as St George's Market.
  9. avatar fastfude
    Smashing Pumpkins in Kings Hall last year was so-so for sound if memories (and forum posts) serve:
    [quote:653e5afe7f]The sound was a bit grim, but only to be expected for such an aircraft hangar. The tracks off the later albums that relied on very heavily processed guitars were lost in the white noise, but the earlier tracks with clear riffage still came through well.[/quote:653e5afe7f]
  10. avatar november kyle
    Wait - St. George's holds more than the Ulster Hall? That couldn't be right.
  11. avatar Daithi jasper
    What's the Elmwood Hall like? Haven't been to gig in there in years. I heard the soundchecking yesterday from outside the Waterfront Hall, sounded good from there. :)
  12. avatar theotheo
    daa fronnnnt paageee is wkd.x
  13. avatar the_doctor199
    Totally agree with Rocky that Belfast is missing a decent medium sized venue. How many does Nugent Hall hold? Can't really remember what the sound is like in there though.
  14. avatar Desus
    [quote:f8434f26e8="november kyle"]Wait - St. George's holds more than the Ulster Hall? That couldn't be right.[/quote:f8434f26e8]

    Ulster Hall 1200 standing + 400 seats.
    St. Georges 3000 standing.
    Mandela 900.
    Elmwood is about 500ish? Think its all seated too?
    Whitla isn't open to these kind of gigs at present and Snackbar isn't holding an Ents licence at the minute.

    No one wants to really do gigs in St. Georges but as Rocky has pointed out there is no real other alternative at present.
  15. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:4569397b69="Daithi jasper"]What's the Elmwood Hall like? Haven't been to gig in there in years. I heard the soundchecking yesterday from outside the Waterfront Hall, sounded good from there. :)[/quote:4569397b69]

    That must've been some soundsystem in Elmwood Hall to hear to from outside the Waterfront. Google says its a mile and a half away :)
  16. avatar dirty stevie smitty
    I thought the sound last night was actually pretty decent.
  17. avatar niallgraham
    Where abouts were you standing smitty?
  18. avatar whipchorus
    Given the number of 'big' concerns held in the KIng's Hall before the opening of the Odyssey I wonder how much noise if any was made with regards to the sound. The last time I was there was the Manics (I think) but back in the day there seemed to be something big on all the time.
  19. avatar rentaghost
    we were mid-crowd over towards the clock/merch stand a bit, Niall.
    NOWHERE is as bad as the Kings hall.
    EDIT: and "back in the day" there were complaints all the time about the King's Hall, but there were no other choices available. From memory, they tried to make a few improvements at one point, but without success.
  20. avatar carriedavenport
    yeah i have to admit I thought last night sounded great - heard far worse sound in the King's hall (eg QOTSA - ruined the gig for me in fact!!) but last night I loved the gig, maybe I'm biased coz I'm a massive Biffy fan! I was in a few different places, shooting at the front, downstairs for a bit and also up on the balcony and the only problem I had was pillars occasionally in the way but thats easily fixed - just move :) I quite like the fact it a bit of an unusual venue and has a slightly odd atmosphere - i thought it really worked in its favour!
  21. avatar worsethingshappenatsea
  22. avatar huggy baps
    [quote:6878cf4368="dirty stevie smitty"]I thought the sound last night was actually pretty decent.[/quote:6878cf4368]

  23. avatar thefonz
    seen a couple of bands here jimmy eat world was one of them, and have always thought the sound was good.
  24. avatar elusivelight
    Biffy's vocals were far too high in the mix, but I think that might have been something to do with the more mainstream crowd they attract these days.

    What was awful last night were Manchester Orchestra.
  25. avatar salfhal
    Been to a few gigs at St. Georges...
    Jimmy Eat World sounded decent at stage half of venue.

    As for Kings Hall, I'm not sure what it's called (nugent hall?) but seen two very diffent gigs at it and two very different experiences -

    Chimaira, Machine Head, Killswitch Engage sounded brilliant.
    Pendulum sounded like a man shitting in a plastic bag.

    I'm sure it's hit and miss for any engineer trying to do sound for a big steel shed, similar for St. Georges, the glass ceiling must be a fucking nightmare to deal with.
  26. avatar Desus
    In my experience of St. Georges its best to let the local PA company put their rig in. Production House have done loads of gigs in there and are constantly tweeking the setup to get best results based on their experience in it. The bands who I've heard an have sounded shit are Kasabian and Biffy. Bith insisted on their own PA. Editors and YYY's have had the best sound in there. Editors was exceptionally good, I've worked with their engineer lots over the last 4 years and he is a bit of a genius. Biffy's FOH engineer is a grade A twat.
  27. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    The sound for Jimmy Eat World was great in the market from where I was standing.

    Kings Hall can be ok but never very good / great - the sound at the QOTSA gig made me dread seeing The Smashing Pumpkins there the following week but it was decent enough (I loved the live version of Tonight, Tonight in particular). QOTSA seriously phoned it in that night as well which didn't help matters.
  28. avatar Stuntman Steve
    expectations about the specials in st.george's now slightly diminished
  29. avatar electriccircus
    shite so it is ha ha
  30. avatar Stuntman Steve
    actually, i seen their set at oxegen in the some of the heaviest rain i have ever experienced, so it will be comparitively saweeeeeeeet!