1. avatar tinpot anto
    Yup, real shit.

  2. avatar salfhal
    You wouldn't happen to have an invite there TPA? Heard loads about the site but ain't springin' good MW2 cash on it!
  3. avatar tinpot anto
    Naw sorry got in ages ago before the invite thing came in. :(
  4. avatar Recycled Alien
    The site's brilliant business model is predicated on losing money on every play by a free account. Hence the absence of new free accounts. I predict they still go bust within a year.
  5. avatar tinpot anto
    As long as we get paid before then :-)

    We're pulling 4-6 poularity bars on each track too, which is fantastic, someone must be blasting the hell out of it non-stop!
  6. avatar Daithi jasper
    A year from now or a year from when they started? :)

    I must check, I may have an invitation knocking about.
  7. avatar salfhal
    Don't worry dude cracked it! Gonna make a new thread for it now
  8. avatar salfhal
    TPA - what method did you use to distribute to spotify?

    I've checked a few companies; record union/cdbaby etc, just wondering what you guys used and what experience you had of it / how much it stung you etc?
  9. avatar tinpot anto
    Record Union was the one we used.

    no upfront costs, 15% take of any royalties, which is about as good as it gets (think we got 10% as early adopters)

    They are good guys to work with, ready to help with promo etc.

    Think their accounting could be a little more transparent, gonna chase up with them tomorrow.
  10. avatar salfhal
    Cheers i'd got the whole way through the reg process for CDBaby to find that there was a 35 set up fee for nothing, plus 9% cut thereafter.

    I'll check out Record Union a bit more thoroughly =]