1. avatar EWCraig
    My band is looking to record within the next few months.
    We're based in Co.Derry, i doubt anyone heres heard of us. We're called Exit Wound, we gigged regularly all of 2007 and some of 2008. So i guess someone might have seen us.

    There are a few studios around here within traveling limits and at a fair price. Namely Broken Studios, The Noise Factory, Shipwrecked etc. But we're unsure of who to turn to. Atm we're looking at broken because of how professional and well known they are.

    So i'd like to ask if there's any one else out there that knows of, or even operates a decent, fairly cheap recording/mixing and mastering studio that could produce a good sound for a rock/metal band. And could they post the name, location and maybe even site/contact details.


  2. avatar kurtz
    My first post!
    does anyone know where/address/etc this shipwrecked studios portstewart is???! i was given this number '07545487916' at glasgowbury for philip bo sheppard but no answer there or myspace all week and need a speedy demo
  3. avatar SimonC
    Try www.sonicvisuals.co.uk contact is Andy.
  4. avatar iamchrisyouarenot
  5. avatar EWCraig
    I seen bo today actually as it goes. He was doing sound at the red sails festival!

    also, www.exit-wound.bandcamp.com

    We got our recordings done by frankie in einstein, best place in the country.
  6. avatar anty2
    go the extra mile and hit up einstein studios
  7. avatar kurtz
    i didn't get any pm chris?
  8. avatar 666Arcane
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  9. avatar BinaryOperator
    I didn'y post here as I thought maybe Resonate was too far to travel for ya.

    ...but I too can vouch for Russell and his lovely hair. His great patience and gentle ways to tell you that that wee bit needs done again, even though you think it's great. His charm, his wit and his fabulous hair.

    Some really nice kit too :o) Marshalls, Fenders, Line 6 etc etc etc The Bastard.

    Come to Lavery's bunker tonite and see Russell play bass with the fantabulous Arctor! We're on early so you can see us then go on about your friday mayhem.