1. avatar McIntyre
    The Glasgowbury G Sessions return on Saturday 7th November with the unholy alliance of LaFaro and Thrones Of Roll.

    And for the first time, Glasgowbury will employ the talents of local spinster, DJ Deano, to employ some funky grooves.

    Full details [url=http://www.glasgowbury.com/2009/10/23/lafaro-headline-as-the-g-sessions-return/]...here...[/url]


    small but MASSIVE
  2. avatar outshined
    Sounds great !!
  3. avatar McIntyre
    Doors will be around 9pm this Saturday. Get down early to show your support for some cracking acts!

    small but MASSIVE!
  4. avatar Thrones of Roll
    We're really looking forward to this. It's been a while since we've been in Draperstown..
  5. avatar mynameisdave
    We're looking forward to this too - any D'town heads who fancy some riffage better get down to this one!!
    Oh, and bring your earplugs...
  6. avatar McIntyre
    Will the Cellar Bar in Draperstown be able to handle so many beautiful faces this Saturday?

    [b:1f0b9064f8]LaFaro[/b:1f0b9064f8] vs [b:1f0b9064f8]Thrones Of Roll[/b:1f0b9064f8] vs [b:1f0b9064f8]DJ Deano[/b:1f0b9064f8] - it's a Battle Royale experience like no other!!

  7. avatar McIntyre
    It's tonight...

    Cellar Bar in Draperstown from around 9pm - Get on it!!