1. avatar Amplified@Ownies
    Hello Guys

    Amplified is ready to Launch it's brand new night UNPLUGGED which will give bands a chance to show a different side to their usual style.

    We have decided to launch this night for bands to play an acoustic set UNPLUGGED providing a more intimate set e.g. high hat, snare, brushes, maracas... you get the drift.

    We are seeking bands and acoustic artists who would like the opportunity to play in our venue at the Joymount Arms (Ownies) which has proved to be a busy venue always producing top quality nights.

    If you or your band is interested, then please contact us on ownies@live.com and we will get back to you with further information and a possible date for a gig.

    Visit: www.myspace.com/owniesamplified

    NOTE: Amplified Unplugged also welcomes Acoustic Artists!!

  2. avatar 666Arcane
    Email sent.
  3. avatar Amplified@Ownies
    Cheers for the feedback so far guys. Again if you or your band is interested then please contact us at ownies@live.com
  4. avatar Amplified@Ownies
    Hey Guys!

    Thanks for all the interest..

    Anyone who are interested in an acoustic gig (bands and solo etc) please contact me on ownies@live.com. I am looking for bands around January, February and March.


  5. avatar Fighting For Salem
    Id love to do a set towards the end of March. My email is garyandrewc@gmail.com