1. avatar DHunter
  2. avatar tinpot anto
    These are great wee motors. Put 150,000+ miles on one myself from new before the hoods burnt it, got another looking at 90,000 like it's nothing.

    11,000 miles is hardly run in.
  3. avatar thesacredhearts
    ive one too at over 100,000 miles on it. Still going grand with the original gear box n all. Surprising as my sister had it before.

    The only thing to note is that their cross members tend to go, and either need significant welding or replacement. i had to get this done last mot and it wasnae cheap as the whole front of the car had to be dismantled and rebuilt.

    on the other hand its dead handy for getting parts from the breakers, some trim came away from a load of wear and i replaced it for a tenner, 50 quid less than the nissan dealership were looking.

    out of interest, how much are you looking?
  4. avatar DHunter