1. avatar The Bedlam Ballroom

    It's time!!!!

    The Big Bad Bedlam Ballroom Hallowe'en Spectacular!

    Hot Ladies, Hot Men, Hot Bands, Hot Music, Cool Drinks, Hot Man in a white dinner jacket, Hot Devil-locks, Hot Costumes, Hot Pumpkin Carving Competition, Hot Saint Dude's, Hot Stuff, Hot Things, Hot Times and general all round Hotness!!!

    At the Hot Black Box, on Hot Hill Street, in Hot Belfast.

    Tickets available from http://www.blackboxbelfast.com/event.aspx?e=525

    and the Black Box Cafe. But don't dilly dally now.

    Zig Zaggity Woop Woop..*
  2. avatar jonesy
    not too many tickets left for this, get them online now before it is too late.......
  3. avatar Strong Reaction
    This is gonna be spooky cool.
  4. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Hot stuff eh? Might just have to check this out.
  5. avatar The Bedlam Ballroom
    This years bands are Belfast's very own Misfits tribute 'Psycho 78'(wouldn't be Hallowe'en with the Misfits eh) and the Baddest Band on the Planet....Saint Dude's! Making a triumphant return.

    Both these & a hot man up a pole!!

    Ye'd be a fool to miss it!


  6. avatar jonesy
    this will be super hot
    you can book tickets online (though our server is being fixed so the website is offline until after lunchtime)
    or you can call into the cafe to buy tickets, it is open until 11pm tonight!
  7. avatar Lucy Lu
    So excited about seeing Edd Muir again. That man is a total dreamboat.
  8. avatar Strong Reaction
    I'm excited about seeing Ron topless.
  9. avatar jonesy
    tickets online again [url=http://www.blackboxbelfast.com/event.aspx?e=525]here[/url]
  10. avatar jonesy
    tonight! a couple of tickets left online, hurry!
    show at 9pm
    doors open at 8pm

    cafe open from 7pm for music and pizzas
  11. avatar himynameissween
    is pay on door ok? only have cash and had no time to grab one in person!
  12. avatar welshchris
    that was a fab night :)
  13. avatar jonesy
    more ed muir is needed!