1. avatar T Entertainment
    Anyone like these boys? Saw them in the Melk Weg in Amsterdam last night supporting BSC and they were immense. Could be very big indeed.
    Merch dude told me they'd recently been in Ireland (tho he didnt know where), did I miss a Belfast date?
  2. avatar eatthefood
    immense is right, love these guys.

    they recently supported Black Stone Cherry when they played the S&A, gutted I missed it though.
  3. avatar Gigging NI
    Yep, T - they recently supported Black Stone Cherry in the Spring and Airbrake, as said above!

    Of course, you can read the review here: [url=http://www.giggingni.com/site/review.php?id=87]http://www.giggingni.com/site/review.php?id=87[/url]

  4. avatar T Entertainment
    I'm not a huge BSC fan, but went last night with a mate for a laugh. Very glad I did. They were blown off the stage. \m/
    Massive Attack tonight! :D