1. avatar thiefni
    There is a fella who busks in Belfast City centre - I think its usually around Cornmarket and Castle Lane. He is slim with a shaved head, looks early 20's - other than that I have no idea who he is!!

    Can anyone help me find out who this guy is?

    I remember him being really good and im hopin to give him a some work (jus in case ppl thought i was only lookin him cus he owed me money or somethin!)

  2. avatar unplugged
    you talking about this guy to the right in this picture?

    I me him and his band in Turkey and had a brave few jams with them as you can see there lol

    His name like my own is Ryan and i would just approach him. I dont think he is doing anything at minute with a live band as he seems to be back on the busking circuit. I was chatting to him a month or two ago in town. I would just approach the fellow if you want him to sing for you as i spent a good week on hols drinking with him he is a good guy. I no longer have his number. He hasnt a bad set of pipes on him either.

  3. avatar WarrenG
    My first post!
    Hi. This is the mystery busker you were refering to. My name is Warren Boyd and i'm definately looking for work. I have plenty of gigging experience, which i see you require for the job. Let me know.
  4. avatar WarrenG
    p.s., my email address is warrenboyd@hotmail.co.uk if you'd like to get in touch. Thanks.