1. avatar thunder2034
    allright people i'm from west belfast and have 10 years experiance,
    i am 20 years old and am looking for a band asap, my influences are,
    the pixies, nirvana,pearl jam, alice in chains and alot more,
    i am adamant and want to practise alot, if anyone is interested mail me
    back!!!!! peace....
  2. avatar kylecusworth
    My first post!
    Hey what sorta stuff you into, I'm a drummer not been going long but learning quick.
  3. avatar Steph08
    Hi there!

    I have been lurking for a while now and thought I might introduce myself.
    My name is Steph from Atlanta USA, I'm so happy that I'm a member at last
    I'm here meeting new friends and hoping to find something
    I looking forward to get to know everyone.

  4. avatar Baroness_84
  5. avatar James Downey
    My first post!
    Hey, I'm James, 17, and live in West Belfast. I've been playing for around 3 years and I've about one and a half years experience with a band and orgainising gigs. Now I'm interested in starting something new...
    My main inspiration is also Nirvana and I'm also a big fan of the Pixies. I'd be able to organise some gigs too...
    How often are you looking to practice? Are you situated locally? I live on the Glen Road...
  6. avatar Six Seconds In Dallas
    Hey, I play lead guitar in a band and our singer and bassist have moved away to uni so we're looking for a new singer and either a bassist or drummer (because our drummer can play either). There's more details on a post on my profile and links to our myspace so you can hear a couple of songs. At the minute the songs are I'm writing are getting shorter (like around three minutes) and I'm focusing on writing good melodies so the whole pixies/nirvana thing is a good sign. Get in touch if you're interested.