1. avatar Fraft Fury
    My first post!
    I have recently set up my own promotions company. Got 5 events all booked before christmas. I am hoping to mix a gig of new bands on the scene and also giving bands that have been around for bout a year or so the chance to headline gigs or play a longer set depending on the occasion and who else is playing. If you are interested please email me at fraft_fury_gigs@yahoo.co.uk

    Some bands I am promoting on events and gigs include; Black Freeway, Sister MarKo, Nasa Assassin, GinXed, Sweet Taste and more.
  2. avatar 666Arcane
  3. avatar Fraft Fury
    Great response so far and you bands that have replied sound great. Will hopefully have a good variety of bands soon so in the new year I can get all of you more gigs. Hopefully
  4. avatar SweetDickWilly
    Please check your e-mails, thanks.

  5. avatar Fraft Fury
    emails all checked SDW. All have been responded to and If I havent responded yet I promise I will get round to it. didnt realise I would have had so many emails.
  6. avatar adi.feud
  7. avatar Fraft Fury
    I have just secured the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Pavillion. I am currently looking for a few more bands to fill up some slots. Please email me if you are interested. Currently have 2 spots availble for 12th November and 2 spots available for 10th December. I am awaiting on some replies but whoever can give me a definate confirmation on either of these dates gets the slots. I do have more gigs booked so if I cant get you a slot on this gig dont think I am fobbing you off I will definately book everyone at some point on my events.