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    [b:6fcfaca759]ACP062 Koen Park - The Lazy Burden[/b:6fcfaca759]

    "The Lazy Burden was made over about four or so days in my dear ma's garage in South London, Bellingham to be precise, edited in my Tokyo apartment a little while after. I don't know when but probably a few years ago now. Its probably going to be the last Koen Park album to be honest, unless I have a massive change of heart and finances! The whole point for the Koen Park project was just to celebrate my heap of junky musical gear and have lots of fun. It's provided that and so much more but unfortunately to fund my labels I have had to sell off that garage full of drums, guitars, keyboards, computers and weird oddities. I no longer have the time to bend my casios either, so these are the sad obvious reasons.

    I think this album, more than all the others, is more 'garage', not in genre, but in its creativity. Whilst I spent some time producing the other Koen Park work, this stuff is pretty much first time played drums, guitars, violins, oddities, electronic machines and samplers into my four track fostex tape recorder...then processed into my laptop a wee bit. Limited production at best and I make no apologies for this. That Koen Park was able to let me just rock out a bit, feel free and not worry about recording quality compared to my 'solo' works, I am most thankful for.

    Its not about too much I guess, but does point to my laziness, or at least feelings of it. If I do nothing in a day I feel like its a burden of laziness when the truth is probably quite different. Nonetheless this work is inspired by feelings of laziness, staying in bed most of the day, obsessive behaviour, surviving off vitamins and drinking far too much coffee so that I get the shakes, grind my teeth and go back to bed. I'll then go and make music, in this weird, off-kilter state.

    Final note is that I asked Ed Cookson to do the artwork. Ed is an insanely talented animator, programmer, musician and artist who runs The Sancho Plan project, more info here: http://www.thesanchoplan.com/ - or for more info about Ed himself: www.edcookson.com - He also happens to be one of my closest truest friends. Years ago I moved back to my hometown, Oxford, living with Ed and making music together with another very close friend of ours, Tom. Over the years, Tom and Ed have taught me a heck of a lot about electronic music and this album, as with all the Koen Park really, is for them. I'd also like to give a special thanks to Paul and the Acroplane crew as they have been huge supporters of this work and run a superb label.

    Much love to all. Peace." - Ian Hawgood.

    01 I Tried Playing Drums When I Was Nineteen But Was Crap
    02 I'm Lazy And You Know It
    03 I'll Spend Days In Bed With Vitamins And Coffee
    04 I Hate You So Much It Hurts
    05 I Wake Up, I Vacuum My Floor, I Go To Bed, I Wake Up, I Imagine I Have Socials Skills, I Fall Asleep, I Wake Up, I Read A Comic, I Fall Back To Sleep, I Wake Up, I Wash My Hands, I Vacuum My Floor, I Lay On The Floor...
    06 I Tried Playing Guitar When I Was Sixteen But My Fingers Bled

    Download the EP for free here : [url]http://www.acroplane.co.uk/node/673[/url]