1. avatar RudeMood
    Hey all,

    Would be cool to get some feedback on an instrumental tune I recorded this evening. Just experimenting with various bits and pieces at the minute.

    I guess if you like Satriani et al this shouldn't be too far off the mark.

    Critique of the music and recording would be welcome :D

    There's no bass on it as yet, mainly because I don't own a bass, but if I get hold of one in the near future I'll stick a track down.

    It was recorded using my Ibanez RG2570, an sm57, a marshall ATV100, cubase sx3 and the drums are from ezdrummer.


  2. avatar artyfufkin
    Some good playing there and some nice melodic ideas going on. Well done.
  3. avatar TheNightMonkey
    That's good and tight, nice one! Looking forward to hearing it with the bass in.
  4. avatar salfhal
    I quite enjoyed that.

    Would've had a field day messing about with the rhythm on that; wee chunks of stop galloping would meat out the crescendo section of the track I reckon.
  5. avatar loveisthelaw
    :D Loving it! Email: loveisthelaw@rock.com if you need a human being to play drums
  6. avatar RudeMood
    Cheers for the feedback!

    I reckon I'll have a wee blast at writing a few more tracks over the next while. It's great fun for a bedroom player like me :)