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    Hi everyone, my name is AJ and I have a new band in the works, we are currently looking for a lead guitarist to finish the line-up. ATM we are a four-piece, we have a female lead vocalist, I'm on lead vocals and guitar, a bassist and drummer. We would prefer someone from around 18-25 as we are all that age. :)

    Our influences are; Jimmy Eat World, Brand New, Yellowcard, The Cure, Fact, Biffy Clyro and much much more.

    This is my previous band; http://www.myspace.com/helloromeoofficial

    We have tons of gigs lined up in December and we also have a jam booked for this Wednesday 28th and it would be awesome if you could make it! We need to hear from you urgently!

    contact me on;

    msn; mysticalfairyhead@hotmail.com
    mobile; 07926235048

    Thanks x
  2. avatar marty mc
    were are you based?? really like the sound of this!!
  3. avatar Lunar
    [quote:4adf27bb2c="marty mc"]were are you based?? really like the sound of this!![/quote:4adf27bb2c]

    Oh sorry forgot to say, we are all based in Belfast!
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    Thanks to everyone who has gotton in touch so far, we're hoping to set up a few jams this week and see how things go. I forgot to mention one thing in the post btw, ideally I want us to be having 2 practices a week minimum (one a full-band practice and another with myself and the lead-guitarist at my place structuring the songs and going over riffs and melodies) as we have quite a few gigs lined up ahead of us! So please be aware of that, thanks again guys for all the responses. :) x

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    BUMP, still looking, keeping our options open!