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    [quote:34bfce75dc]These pickups aren't very old and were recently removed from my SG. They sound great, with a warm vintage tone.[/quote:34bfce75dc]

    I don't get it. If they sound great and have a warm vintage tone why did you remove them from your SG? Don't get me wrong but I have an old SG which sounds great and also has a warm vintage tone, just like yours used to have. Should I be ripping out the pickups and if so what would you recommend I replace them with? I don't know a lot about pickups so all advice is greatly appreciated.
  3. avatar Jeebas
    I replaced the Seymours with Catswhisker PAFs that have coil taps to give me single coil options and then had the SG wired to provide additional out of phase options.

    The original pickups sounded great but I'm used to playing Teles and was looking for a slightly brighter tone.

    It's all a matter of personal taste, if you like your tone then don't change your pickups - like a lot of guitarists i'm always chasing the perfect tone - at least my idea of it.
  4. avatar Mikal
    is there 2 pick ups for sale or just one??
  5. avatar thecomeons_2
  6. avatar Jeebas

    Sold them on eBay a couple of weeks back.