1. avatar EWCraig
    My first post!
    First things first, hey i'm new here. I'm Craig and i'm a drummer in a rock/metal band from Co.Derry called "Exit Wound". Happy to find a site supporting the NI music scene.

    Next thing.

    We're going to be looking for gigs from november onwards anywhere possible in NI. (Can't get down south just yet due to travel problems) We'll be happy to here from anyone looking for bands to support em', we prefer paying gigs if we're travelling to cover petrol costs etc. But we know it's hard to get a paying gig in this area so we'll probably accept non paying ones.

    We're a happy friendly bunch and can be found on myspace.

    We're saving for the studio to record an EP to launch ourselves back into the music scene as we've been inactive for months.
    Our set is completely originals and we enjoy playing live more than anything else.

    If you can give us a buzz with any gigs you're interested in us playing or hit me up on msn. Craig.s.patterson@hotmail.co.uk

    I'll try to check this site as often as possible, work and college are limiting my time atm.

    Cheers all,


    Edit - Forgot to mention we'll happily return the favour, get us gigs and we'll get you gigs up this end anytime they're avaidable.