1. avatar steviedrums
    hello , Were Midnight Transmission, 4 Piece Rock Band from belfast/lisburn/ bangor,

    Weve Been Together a month or so now and have worked up a mixed set of 9 songs. 3 covers , and 6 original, We are Hard working, and always put on a great show, Thats our gurantee,we can Draw in a big crowd too( Always good)

    We have myspace facebook twitter Etc.....But at the minute we Have no materiel recorded. Were doing a radio show next week, And may have acoustic recordings after that.

    Were A heavy Rock band drawing from the likes of Led Zepplin, Acdc, Audio slave and the answer, Proper hard rock, .

    We will play anywhere and everywhere, Just let us know and we'll show up and play

    Midnight Transmission
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  2. avatar JTM
    Hi there,

    I Googled your Bebo site and uh, you don't seem to have any tracks up online?

    Have you any material anywhere we could listen to?
  3. avatar EWCraig
    "But at the minute we Have no materiel recorded"
  4. avatar steviedrums
    Yeah , Thats the problem, Weve Got this set ready, and were raring to go, but Recording has been put off for another week or so, pain in the ass!
  5. avatar EWCraig
    No the feeling. If theres any gigs going up here that need a support slot i'll give you a shout mate. Would be good to hear some fresh tunes up this end.
  6. avatar steviedrums
    Cheers man :D
  7. avatar EWCraig
    No problem, if there's anygigs up your end needing a support band i'd appreciate you giving me a buzz.

  8. avatar steviedrums
    will do, whats your bands myspace and ill keep you posted
  9. avatar EWCraig

    Forgive the poor layout, i haven't had time to update it.
    And the recording was done in 2007 :P

    I'll add you now.
  10. avatar courthouse