1. avatar pbm09
    Bass Player, 29 seeks band. Influences: Nirvana, Faith no more, Queens of the Stone Age, The Birthday Party, The Cramps, The Stooges, Eagles of Death Metal, At The Drive in, Scratch Acid, The Jesus Lizard, Big Black, The Melvins, Hank Williams, Dead Kennedy's, The Fall, Ornette Coleman. Interested in joining a band and playing some gigs, or just jamming. Email me on pbm2007@hotmail.co.uk. Or send me a private message. Cheers.
  2. avatar tomtom
    where you based mate?
  3. avatar pbm09
    Based in East Belfast and ive got my own transport
  4. avatar museician
    i might have already messaged you lol, but my friend and i are lookin to start a nirvana tribute? thatd be awesome and we just need a bassist atm for it to work so yeah :)even if u dont want to any genre like rock or punk rock etc would be cool too, so :) email or msn is gilchristbgj@live.co.uk
  5. avatar pbm09
  6. avatar conalowens1
    our band (jane doe) are seeking a bass player at the moment , Our musical influences are similar to yours , holdoing auditions weekly
    give me a ring on 07549663340 for more details