1. avatar don sebestian
    Right, seriously listen to this tune! magnificent!

    operation latte thunder [url=http://www.myspace.com/teamlaserexplosiveni]Your text to link here...[/url]

    not my band, but yes, i am a friend of this band, a drunken friend, but, seriously give this tune a few mins of your day and enjoy it!
  2. avatar nichart
    yeah it's class!!! and you can download it FREE from [url=http://www.nichart.com/downloads.html][b:b6b2bdfa9a]HERE[/b:b6b2bdfa9a][/url]
  3. avatar JTM
    I've been trying to book Team Laser Explosive for months - if you're mates with them, tell them that Bruised Fruit want them to play Belfast BAD. ;)
  4. avatar darkprince07
    Not heavy enough for me.
  5. avatar salfhal
    Seems like a random collection of riffs.

    I liked one of them though!
  6. avatar artyfufkin
    Some good ideas going on there but needs a vocal.
  7. avatar yes-lad
    My first post!
    Cheers guys. Hope to be in Belfast soon