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    Ashfall are looking for a new drummer.


    Heavy metalish/catchy music - give it a listen at


    We had been making awesome headway for a while recently, got out onto the gigging scene and had great feedback including this 4/5 review from [url=http://promoteni.blogspot.com/2009/07/ashfall-popside-lock-belfast-pavilion.html]Promote NI.[/url]

    We've got a live recorded demo completed which you can hear at the [url=http://www.myspace.com/ashfallonline]MySpace[/url].

    Oh aye we got a bit of airtime too on BlastFm Belfast and IURFM Newry

    And have developed interest from a local indie label (Lisburn) and also from a managment company (RedRush). Because of losing our drummer we lost out on our offered support slot for Black Stone Cherry =[

    We practice regularly, and with a replacment drummer, will gig regularly also.
    We have a fair few songs fully completed, and are busting to get the lineup completed so we can get back into the studio to record a proper EP.

    We have been advised that a drummer would require around grade 8, although really you just need to be solid, we don't need a piece of paper to see if you're good or not.

    Reply on here (i'm on most days) or contact 07787072220 (the band phone).

    [i:019fb1a067]Theres a wee myspace player below - [/i:019fb1a067]
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    Apologies, was trying to embed the myspace player, anyone know how?
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    [code:1:c07c2986d6]<embed src="http://musicservices.myspace.com/Modules/MusicServices/Services/Embed.ashx/ptype=4,ap=0,plid=45278,artid=18525531,skinid=16,profid=450156344" width="450" height="350">[/code:1:c07c2986d6]
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    what happened pat?

    ...niall?? :P
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    He's up in Coleraine now, so it's super difficult to practice him only being home a day or two at the weekend.

    Niall on the other had needs no explaination.
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    Justa quick bump...

    Thanks for the replies so far, a few people have replied on MySpace, so sorry it took me so long to get to you guys, I'm not on there as much as I am here.

    [size=50]Also thanks to Gavin![/size]