1. avatar Flatyre
    I just got invited to a CMJ gig in NY by a mate of mine and when I took a look at the lineup General Fiasco are playing too.

    Are any other bands off to NY for the CMJ fest? I spotted Skibunny are DJing the Bell House tonight which Ill hopefully get over to as well.

    Couldn't see anything on the NIMIC site for this...
  2. avatar xfirefishx
    I was under the impression that last night was the 'official' Irish music showcase in the Bowery. In saying that the only band I know that were playing at it were Super Extra Bonus Party - and I only heard about it at the weekend there. I thought there would have been more of big deal made of it since it's a pretty exciting thing but I didn't notice much said about it.
  3. avatar xfirefishx
    Although in saying that now I've looked online, some blogs are saying that the Irish night is actually tonight (oops) and General Fiasco and Skibunny were last night. Although another blog says the Irish night was indeed last night - and tonight is Chromeo et al. Very confusing.
  4. avatar Flatyre
    Skibunny are def DJing in the bell house front bar tonight [url=http://www.thebellhouseny.com/calendar.php]cos it says so here[/url]. Though I guess they are doing some band shows too? The Bell House is a decent spot and has some good bands play there.

    The other gig is tomorrow in Bowery Electric, but I cant find too much about it. Looks like Bear Hands are playing it too.
  5. avatar xfirefishx
    What other gig? Chromeo was definitely last night and the Irish showcase was definitely Thursday night. I feel like I'm stuck in some time warp. I hate being confused. :P

    And I can't go to any of these gigs so why am I being so pedantic about it? Apologies! :)
  6. avatar Flatyre
    There was a General Fiasco gig on Saturday. I didn't go either. Ho Hum...