1. avatar KingNeon
    Can anyone else see the boat on fire in the middle of Belfast Lough? Its been burning for the last 15 minutes, mostly burnt out now but it was really going up.

    Recovery boats and coastguard at it now, some debate in work if its for a movie or if its legit.
  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    I thought this was going to be about another band I'd never heard of.
  3. avatar Orzo

    Five crew members have had to be rescued from the water after their fishing boat caught fire in Belfast Lough.
    The Coastguard said the boat is situated at the Belfast end of the lough, off Whiteabbey.
    A BBC reporter who is at the scene said the vessel was well alight and was giving off a lot of smoke.
    The crew members have been taken to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast.