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    If you are a band, a solo artist or just somebody looking for a new song, we can help you out. We are two songwriters/composers/lyricists, who can write you a complete song (with musical arrangement, melody and lyrics) or you can send us your lyrics and we will add a melody or arrangement around it. We also write music for movies, commercials etc.

    We write music of all genres. You give us your demands and ideas on how the song should sound and describe what the lyrics should be about. You can also give examples of artists and songs, in which our songs would find inspiration or similar requirements (but have in mind, we only write original music).

    In agreed time (you set the deadlines) we will send you the demo version of the song (already copyrighted). The quality of the audio will be good enough (not yet studio quality) for you to get a general impression of the song and to form your own opinion. You could than accept and approve the song if it would fulfill your requirements, you can demand additional changes or reject the song completely, if you wouldn't like it.

    The finished product will contain:
    - audio file with clear sounding instruments and vocals (vocals will be simulated with an instrument)
    - lyrics (if wanted)
    - musical notation and tabs of all instruments

    With this you will be able to professionally record the song (in a studio) in your accomplishment.

    The cost of a finished product is a matter of agreement and adaptable to your budget and demands. Only with additional payment, you will be able to buy full copyright of the song, otherwise we request full copyright ownership and publishing rights.

    For more information contact us - soundrevisited@gmail.com
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