1. avatar supershedseven

    Im looking to see if anyone can point me in the right direction...

    Basically ive been asked a while back by a friend of mine to go through a ton of old VHS and rip music videos from live tv (TOTP, TFI Friday, The Word ect ect).

    So basically i got all these songs now loaded onto my HardDrive and was gonna rip them to DVD, but for a bit of suprise, i was gonna give it chapters ect ect ... basically everything i can do wih Nero, but what i would like is this....

    A good (easy to use) video software which lets you create like a film style into, a mix of still pictures, edited movie footage, text and effects all in one. Its generally to create a simple 1 minute into which looks smart and quite professional. Ive used Nero's own movie maker, but find that for an intro its very limited, (ie doesnt let video images combine to create an effect ect)

    If anyone would have an idea of either good software or tips ect, then that would be great. Or if anyone would be able to knock somthing up in an afternoon if i provide all the pictures, background music ect, then i could chuck someone a few quid/pints.

  2. avatar voidio
    Huy there Sheddy.
    I Might have exactly what you are looking for. it'll let you add pideo, music, animated clips into your menu page and then make your dvd for you!
    Great programme, converts virtually all media file types to dvd.
    PM me if it's any good for you, might even give ye a wee hand with it.
  3. avatar salfhal
    Why can't you just share the info? I'm looking for a video editor (freeware) that'll handle HD camcorder footage
  4. avatar supershedseven
    I dont think he was being secretive mate, just getting a bit of a conversation via PM rather than clogging up a thread.
    :109: :109: :109:
  5. avatar supershedseven
    PM'd lad
  6. avatar voidio
    (PM'd you with this message)
    Let me know if you need any help.....

    The programme i would use to make your intro screen is
    Magix Movie Edit Pro 15.... amazing bit of kit that will do anything from simple videos to special effects stuff for movies.
    I used it while making a video for my band (http://www.myspace.com/fromsilencewecome). the video is on the page . called 'into the water' erm...the one with the muppets!!!

    Basically, streched out version of what you're looking to do. it works with vid, pics and music and you have control of how much and how long you want it to be!

    Now i take it you want to also have this video clip bit playing as a menu for your DVD menu screen where you can pick any of the music vids from the DVD?
    If so then i would use 'Convert X to DVD' this is the programme i was pointing to originally. i think it is small enough to email. this works with nearly all media types and will basically make your dvd for you.

    this sounds more complicated than it really is, the most important thing is .... know what you want the intro clip to look like! what music you want to play over it and how long you want it to play for!!!
  7. avatar voidio