1. avatar swaneeriver
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  2. avatar swaneeriver
    Good friends and mighty country rockers 'Ten Gallon Hat and the Big Salute' have been confirmed as one support!

    more to come as i have it!
    rock on!
  3. avatar LolaDivine
    that is the best news i have had all day. this is going to be a rockin' night!
  4. avatar JoanneNicole
  5. avatar slash
    Sweet Taste have been added to the bill!!!
    Shall be a great night of rock n roll
  6. avatar swaneeriver
    Yes Sweet taste are now on the bill also
    gonna b a rockin night! cant wait to play Belfast again
  7. avatar The Joker
    Looking forward to this big time! Great support with Ten Gallon Hat too.
  8. avatar swaneeriver
    happy days folks, gonna be a great night, great vibes bout it all over!
  9. avatar niallgraham
    Tomorrow night!

    I can't wait for this like. Haven't seen Swanee river in yonks and looking forward to seeing Ten Gallon Hat: I've heard good things about those guys!

    See you tomorrow night.

    Niall ST
  10. avatar swaneeriver
    BUMP! ;)